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What is IGNITE?

In addition to their high performance ethanol fuel, specially formulated for high performance and racing applications, IGNITE now includes a line of high performance lubricants that can deliver the protection you need, on and off the track.

Why should I use IGNITE high performance products?

For a variety of reasons. IGNITE Racing Fuel is ethanol, so it burns cleaner—which is better for your engine and the environment. It’s a cooler-burning fuel, which also extends the life of your engine. And, most importantly, IGNITE provides more torque and power for the speed you demand. Then, there’s a substantial cost savings created by the use of ethanol. IGNITE Lubricants utilize a revolutionary corn base oil, that has been specially formulated to exceed the standards set in a variety of applications. With a high viscosity index, high flash point and natural lubricity, IGNITE's line of lubricants will help you run cooler, create more power, and protect your parts against wear and corrosion.

How can IGNITE make me faster?

IGNITE Racing Fuel provides more torque. More torque and horsepower means more speed. It’s as simple as that. IGNITE Lubricants have a superior viscosity index that keeps your engine cooler, creates more horsepower and better on track results.

In what ways can IGNITE improve my performance?

IGNITE Racing Fuel's high performance ethanol burns cleaner and cooler to extend the life of your engine. IGNITE's Lubricants protect your engine against wear, corrosion and thermal breakdown.

Where can I get IGNITE?

Find the distributor nearest you by clicking HERE.

Will IGNITE ethanol “gunk up” my engine?

Absolutely not. Ethanol has little to no additives and burns cleaner than petroleum based fuels.

Are IGNITE products biodegradable?

Our ethanol racing fuel? Totally. Our lubricants? Derived from a biodegradable base stock, the heart of every IGNITE lubricant is biodegradable.

How much lead does IGNITE ethanol contain?

Ethanol contains no lead and only one additive.

Which is more effective ethanol or methanol?

The burn ratio of methanol to gasoline is 2:1 whereas the burn ratio of ethanol to gasoline is 1.5-1. This means less ethanol is burned in a similar race.

Do IGNITE lubricants actually decrease the risk of fire?

IGNITE's state of the art base oil has higher flash and fire points than mineral based oils, meaning IGNITE lubricants will have to be exposed to much higher temperatures before they 'flash' or catch fire.

Who’s currently using IGNITE High Performance ethanol & lubricants?

Click HERE to find out who’s winning on the track with IGNITE's high performance ethanol and lubricants.

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