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Ignite Racing Fuel and High Performance Ethanol visits the National FFA Convention Expo with TK Motorsports' Racing For Education Challenge

The Racing For Education Challenge booth was a huge hit at this year's National FFA Convention Expo.

(Indianapolis, Indiana) -- Once a year, the National FFA Organization brings together over 50,000 students, teachers and guests for their National FFA Convention.  This year, the Convention was held in Indianapolis and featured their National FFA Expo from Wednesday, October 24th - Friday the 26th.  The Expo showcases over 400 companies like Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Monsanto, Great American Country, John Deere, and Case-International, across 2,400 booth spaces, and this year our TK Motorsports Racing For Education Challenge was one of the top attention getter's.  A reporter from RFD tv even stopped by on Friday to interview us about the booth, as they were including our Racing For Education Challenge in their feature on the best exhibits of the year at the National Convention Expo.  

The line grew as long as 45 ft while students waited for their turn to race.

At the National FFA Convention Expo, TK Motorsports, Ignite Racing Fuel and ICM teamed up to provide students an opportunity to have some fun, connect with racers and past FFA members Kody & Tanner Swanson, and learn more about a fuel they only thought they knew.  The exhibit featured a USAC Silver Crown car that competes on Ignite Racing Fuel's High Performance Ethanol, and 6 linked Dirt Track Racing Simulators, allowing students to compete head-to-head with their comrades by submitting their name, state & email address.  During the 3-day Expo, our Racing For Education booth ran non-stop, hosting 233 simulator races with over 1,350 Race Driver Participants.  

After each race, participants received a Driver Bag with a TK Motorsports Hero Card and Ethanol related Handouts & Brochures.  In addition to giving these bags to drivers, we handed them out during our Educational Shop Tours and at the Expo booth, distributing nearly 2,500 bags of Racing and Ethanol handouts & materials during the Convention.  We also gave each race winner a custom TK Motorsports Racing For Education/Ignite "got octane?" T-Shirt, and the Fastest Winner of the Day a custom TK Racing For Education/Ignite Traxxas R/C Truck.    

Tanner Swanson introduces a Missouri FFA Chapter to the Team 6R Racing Shop.

Throughout our Racing For Education Challenge, our 1,350+ Race Driver Participants represented 44 of 50 states, with our Top Ten participating states being: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York, Arkansas and Kansas.  

As part of the National FFA Convention, we entered the Team 6R Racing Shop as an Educational Tour destination, and provided tours for over 180+ students and advisors.  We got a great response from the shop tours, as it offered students and teachers to see the race cars and equipment in a personal setting with Tanner hosting the tours himself.

Through out our National FFA Convention experience we were able to meet so many students and teachers that stopped and interacted with us, were interested in all types of motorsports, and were able to share with them about what Ignite is doing with Ethanol in motorsports.

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