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Global Time Attack

Ignite is the Official Fuel Supplier of Global Time Attack for 2016!

"The Global Time Attack was founded with the simple desire of assembling the world’s fastest dedicated time attack cars together on a particular circuit. Through our events, websites, social networks, live stream broadcasts and partnerships with independent media outlets we will present this motorsport in an exciting, engaging and involving manner in order to elevate this community as a whole including the teams, fans, manufacturers, supporters and sanctioning bodies."

"The Global Time Attack is comprised of a team of leaders in the tuner, time attack and traditional motorsports fields. Our team produced the very first North American time attack way back in 2004. We were the crew chiefs back in the early days of the Honda FWD drag movement and the editors of the world’s most successful tuner magazine. We built the largest import car show series ever and we manage the marketing efforts for some of the world’s fastest time attack teams. In short, we eat, sleep and breathe this stuff."


Midwest Drift Union

"At the end of 2009, Edgar Sarmiento and Jon Gilliatt teamed up to form Midwest Drift Union."

"With four years of running sold-out Drift Indy events in Indianapolis, we’ve put that experience to use organizing our Midwest Drift Union in 2010 as a Formula D ProAM Series. We’re striving to have a series that will allow the best in the region to drive together, compete, and have fun sharing in the passion of drifting."

"Our goal is to provide a platform that will allow veteran drivers the opportunity to make it to the next level (Formula D), to give new drivers the seat time they need, and to provide a whole lot of entertainment along the way! Our events are ran so that each driver will be able to run out of tires before the day’s out. We’re all about practice, building better drivers, and having fun with the sport of Drifting!"


Pro E85 Racing - Drag Racing

Ignite is the 2016 Title Sponsor of Pro E85 Drag Racing!

ProE85 is built around well-known American muscle cars, new and old, putting on one of the areas best shows in drag racing today, while competing in a yearlong championship series.

ProE85 is the home of drag racing diversity when it comes to our competitors. We have 60’s muscle with carbureted, nitrous inhaling, big inch power plants to old school roots type blown machines to new technology electronic fuel injected, pressure building turbo charged show pieces.

Watching these 85% ethanol burning wheel-standing machines hammer the pavement to achieve the quarter mile index of 8.90 at 140 to 160mph is a sight to see. The effect is completely different than watching what is thought to be a ‘race car’ running the same number. It’s all about the fan’s perception of a street appearing, show quality heavyweights running big numbers, doing huge burnouts, and wheelies that rang from mild to stratospheric!!! We do all of this while being friendly and entertaining to the fans in the pits as well.


Shift S3CTOR

"Shift-S3ctor is an automotive event organizer, specializing in high horsepower racing events. Beginning in 2011, Shift-S3ctor was the first organization to bring dedicated side by side roll racing events to the Western United States. The company has grown to build a new standard and genre of racing; the half mile event."

"Shift-S3ctor’s expertise lies in hosting and organizing high speed, high horsepower racing events held at airports throughout the country. Shift-S3ctor currently has events in several states and continues to grow with each successful event. Due to implemented safety regulations and the highest level of professionalism, Shift-S3ctor has held an impeccable track record with zero injuries or major incidents after more than 25 events over the past several years. The creators of Airstrip Attack, Shift-S3ctor brings racing off the streets and into safe and legal environments to test cars and race opponents, while simultaneously holding world-class spectator events and having a partnered media reach into the millions."


Street Car Takeover

Ignite is The Official Fuel of StreetCar Takeover!

Street Car Take Over Tour, The premier street car event in the U.S., Coming to a city near you!

"Street Car Takeover the premier Motorsport tour of the year. 1/4 Drag strip event, car show, dyno exhibition and of course a epic night meet combine for a have to see and experience kind of weekend spanning across the country. We are open to all makes of exotics, imports and domestics... SO BUILD SOME HEAT AND LET HER EAT!"


Street Driven Tour

The Street Driven Tour just released a solid 2016 schedule found above and below. The series attracted some of the best drifters in America over 2015 including Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, Matt Powers, Forrest Wang, Odi Bakchis, Geoff Stoneback and many more!

The four venues are VIRginia International Raceway, Gateway Motorsports Park, Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Las Vegas Motor Speedway to round out the new season!



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